How much caffeine is in a Mountain Mudd Espresso Drink?

Each shot of espresso has approximately 50 mg of caffeine, so a double shot latte still has less caffeine than a cup of brewed coffee.  At Mountain Mudd each specialty coffee beverage is made to order, so we do not automatically add x number of shots to y sized drink.  If you would like a 20 oz. latte with a single shot, or a 12 oz. latte with four shots of espresso; our professional barista will gladly handcraft it for you.



Amount of Caffeine

Brewed coffee (drip method)

8 ounces

115—175 mg

Coffee, Instant

8 ounces

65-100 mg

Red Bull

8.3 Ounces

80 mg

Iced tea

12 ounces

70 mg


1 gel tab

65 mg

Tea, brewed, imported brands

8 ounces

60 mg

Mountain Dew

12 ounces

55 mg

Espresso (single shot)

1 ounce

50 mg

Diet Coke

12 ounces

45 mg

Tea, brewed, U.S. brands

8 ounces

40 mg


12 ounces

38 mg





12 ounces

34 mg

Dark chocolate

1 ounce

20 mg

Hot cocoa

8 ounces

14 mg

Chocolate, Milk (Hershey Bar)

1 bar

10 mg

Coffee, Decaf, brewed

8 ounces

3 to 4 mg

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