Differences between drinks

Espresso:  Thick, rich, and unadulterated, espresso is created from the pressurized push of water through tightly packed finely ground coffee, using a specialized machine. Espresso is the basis for Latte’s, Mocha’s, Cappuccino’s, and Americano’s.

Café Latte: The most popular espresso drink has espresso, steamed milk, topped with a layer of milk froth (a thick meringue-like foam), and often paired with one of our gourmet flavored syrups.

Mocha: A café latte blended with our chocolate sauce and topped with whipped cream and sprinkles.

Cappuccino: Espresso with steamed milk and lots of foam.  A “Wet” cappuccino has more steamed milk, and a “Dry” cappuccino has mostly dense froth from steamed milk.

Americano: Espresso with hot water, hotter than brewed coffee.

Steamer: Milk of choice steamed to the perfect temperature to caramelize the milk sugars to a sweet intensity and often paired with a shot of gourmet flavored syrup.

Granita: Ice-cold delightful granular slush, can come flavored in Coffee, White Chocolate, Coffee Toffee or…

Italian Soda: Club Soda and gourmet flavored syrup.  Can be “creamed” with half-and-half and topped with whipped cream for a decadently delectable treat.

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