Our Coffee

Our obsession with quality isn’t new. We’ve always had lofty expectations for ourselves but our roaster’s professional standards are supercilious! That’s so high, we don’t even really know what it means. Product consistency is the real challenge of any serious brand, and specialty coffee roasting is an art. We seek the best and defy the odds by being both consistent AND distinguished. CoffeeBeansCoffee is an agricultural product that changes from crop to crop. The raw coffee will also change throughout the year, trading intensity and aroma for smoothness and body. Our Roastmaster maintains consistency by meticulously selecting the beans and then cupping them routinely after roasting.    High Grown, High Roasted in the Mountains of Montana Picture Taste the handcrafted coffee difference of an artisan roastery.  Our importers develop long-standing relationships with coffee farmers in every coffee growing region. We buy specialty Arabica beans which make up only 10 percent of the worldwide coffee production. Of that 10 percent, we buy only from the top 10 percent of that crop. Each region has distinct flavor characteristics and the coffees we import really bring those flavors to life.
We roast just as carefully as we buy. Our roaster operates at a high altitude in Kalispell, Montana. Our batches are small and carefully watched by our Roastmaster to bring out the desirable flavors and minimize the undesirable flavors. Every coffee has its own roast profile. When the coffee has cooled, we immediately package it in foil bags with one-way air valves to ensure freshness. We roast to order and ship the very same day the coffee is roasted. Freshness is key, and with Mountain Mudd you will always get the freshest coffee.
The intensity of the Mountain Mudd blend is balanced by a rich body (without a trace of harsh acidity) and smooth, long lasting finish. Discriminating consumers also appreciate great crema, beautiful deep amber color, and sweet aroma. Its predominant flavor characteristic is dark chocolate but it also has notes of roasted hazelnut, slight smokiness, and sweetness of caramel. Mountain Mudd espresso tastes delicious on its own but its unique flavor also comes through in today’s very popular espresso and milk layered drinks. You’ll also see that our pricing is prudently standard and if your customer service experience is less than stellar, shock us with your call! We love to hear from our customers!