Why doesn’t Mountain Mudd roast its own coffee?

Recently, it seems everyone has leapt into the roasting business, jumping on the trend of artisanal coffee.  It has been Mountain Mudd’s philosophy that our coffee is exceptional because we leave it in the hands of a true artist and master roaster.  It would be absurd to believe we could replicate the complex flavor without the knowledge, skill, and attention to detail our roaster has gained over many years of roasting discriminating coffee.  His experience includes his time spent learning traditional, all-natural, small batch, high altitude roasting near Glacier National Park in Montana. We could never replicate his vast knowledge of buying the finest green beans, and all of the relationships he has built with coffee growers all over the world. Our roaster uses a method during tasting process of bean selection, using espresso instead of an infused coffee to taste.

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