Kacie Kiosk Manager

Kacie first started working for Mountain Mudd in High School in 2008.  She then started working for Sweet Café in 2013 and stayed with us as we purchased Mountain Mudd in 2014.  She is now the manager of the Montana location.  We admire the way Kacie has drinks prepared for cars that are in line and on both sides of the kiosk.  She takes great care of her kiosk, staff, and customers.  She has a way of making people feel welcomed and important with her sweet smile and genuine care for others.

Montana Kiosk

Scott Kiosk Manager

Scott started working for Sweet Café in the Billings Public Library the day that it opened, January 6th 2014.  He then went on to launch our new kiosk location at 606 Bench Blvd on October 20th, 2014, where he continues to manage.  You will also see Scott at the busiest events at MetraPark.  He has a vast range of skills, ranging from espresso machine installation and light repairs to helping customers find the best drink that suites them that day.

Bench Kiosk

Rich Kiosk Manager

Rich has been with Mountain Mudd since 2008 and deserves much credit as the longest employed staff member ever to work for Mountain Mudd. He has worked for all 4 owners and we believe he is a large part of the success of these local kiosks.  We call him our “Famous Barista,” as most people know him and he has this uncanny talent to be able to remember faces and drink selections.

Grand Kiosk